Monday, March 26, 2012

Long Pose

WIP  1/4 (2 hours in)

WIP 2/4 (4 hours in)

I miss the regal stance of the first day, I need to tuck in her tummy and define her pose. She moves every time though so I'm forced to pick and choose what I keep and what I change, which isn't a bad thing :)

Watching Dominic work has already helped me tremendously. The man is a beast with color.

WIP 3/4 (6 hours in)

It's amazing how I have learned something different every day working on this painting. While the last session was a breakthrough in temperature and arguably color, today was all about edge control: creating edges from value contrast and blurring edges where the eye does not see a hard edge. 

Also, I was looking out for interesting ways the drapery was falling (since it's different every time she sits) and I was really pleased with the dynamic straights on the right arm's sleeve, which in my opinion are way more interesting and actually weight the the whole thing down better. 

Furthermore, I've gained a new appreciation for live painting. It's so much more about the experience than the final product (though it's always good to end up with something that looks decent). It's just about you and what you see, and how you experience it, and ultimately how you interpret and convey it. Special thanks to Dominic and Charles for their feedback today, its great being around people who are so into painting :)

notes to self for the final session: fix the lighting and temperature on the couch


  1. I love this model. Can't wait to see how it progresses!

  2. where did you get to see dominic work? O:

  3. He goes to FEWS sometimes to paint, especially when we do Mon-Tues combined long pose

  4. It is awesome!!! no idea how to paint...